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A referral from you is the highest compliment I can receive. Please read below to see what some of my clients are saying:

“Professor Anthony Argyros exemplifies the definition of a martial artist. His dedication to the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has fueled his passion to teach. He has an incredibly vast knowledge base and his competition expertise is unparalleled. Anthony is a true athlete and a great friend.”

- Mark Staniszewski (Mark Stan)
Judo Black Belt – 3rd Degree
BJJ Black Belt – Joe Moreira
International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

“Anthony has designed multiple workouts to cater to each person’s needs. His strength training programs are unique and a refreshing change from the usual workouts. He is a great source of motivation and pushes you to your goals.”

- Dan Lewitt

“After my senior year in high school I did not know where to go or where to train to get ready for my college career. Training with Anthony Argyros was one of the best decisions in my entire life. His high intensity strength and endurance workouts based on increasing power, speed and form changed my life in the training world, football field and everyday life. It is not only the amazing incites to training and getting ready for your given sport, or just physical fitness that make his program. Anthony’s values, morals and ideas about life and how people of any age or gender truly change people’s life and get you excited to get better every single day. Make no mistake in introducing yourself or others to Anthony Argyros’ training programs”

- Paul Melicharek from Bridgewater State College Football

“Anthony has been a top competitor and a mentor for so many people in grappling/BJJ. I recommend training under him. Anthony has so much knowledge to offer anyone looking to learn a martial art.”

-Chino Delapena, owner of Rockland Brazilian JiuJitsu

“Anthony has been a great mentor to me for the last 4 years. Since I started training with him for wrestling, my strength and muscular endurance went through the roof. His workouts are innovative and promote great muscle confusion and pump, creating a great blend of strength, size, and endurance. As a motivator, Anthony is second to none. He taught me to work harder than I knew possible, and I am realizing all the benefits now. This year I will be competing in the USAPL National Collegiate Powerlifting Championship in Baton Rouge, and I owe a lot to Anthony for helping me reach my strength goals and develop as an athlete.”

-Alex Baval N.S.C.A. CPT

I have had the pleasure of competing against Anthony in 2007 and he was a ferocious opponent. His wrestling, submission, and jiu jitsu skills are second to none. His dedication to his athletes and craft is incredible and I would recommend anyone looking for a great trainer to train with Anthony. I am very proud of the fact that I have shared the mat with him competitively and I couldn’t have befriended a better person.

-Derek Mangi, 3x Pan American Games Gold Medalist