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“Combat Sports Performance Training”

by posted by on February 13, 2014


While my digital series for grappling is in editing, in preparation for a Spring 2014 launch, I also have an effective, proven strength and conditioning program for combat sports athletes. My program involves everything from calisthetics to barbell, dumbell, kettlebell, cable and strength band training. I train people out of ‘Body By Ayman’ (formerly ‘The Training Zone’) since 2003 and Fit First.

My strength training program will greatly enhance your functional strength, endurance and speed. My Sports Psychology backround and competition career are also part of the program that I will share with you in order to achieve maximum performance.

I will work with you on price, eliminating any financial strain which is a reality in the fitness industry. Inbox me on facebook, email me here, direct message me on twitter or email me on linkedin to set up an appointment and assessment.


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