“CACC Wrestling Training”

by posted by on March 16, 2015

Hello Everyone,

For the past 3 weeks I have switched my training methods. While I still do strength training circuits 7 days a week, I completely changed how I train in grappling. I now train in CACC (Catch As Catch Can) Wrestling with USA Champion and fellow BJJ Blackbelt Tom Velasquez. We use both pins and submissions, which forces you to push a much more intense pace, but be more aware of submissions as you often have your back exposed to your opponent. We go 2x2min warmup rounds, then 2x5min Greco-Roman before going all out in 2x15min CACC rounds with only 30 seconds rest, so we are basically wrestling for 30 consecutive minutes with pins and submissions.

I highly recommend this type of training. Going with pins, submissions and wrestling shoes forces you to accept a different type of pain and fatigue versus traditional JiuJitsu or Grappling where you can use the guard position and rest, pause and think out strategy before going on the offensive. I feel like I’m playing a new sport, and it’s AWESOME !!!

I’ll keep you posted as how the training keeps going. All I can say is that after Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 weeks at this pace, I have become better than I’ve ever been since I began competing way back in 1998.

More to come,