“TRT fallout”

by posted by on April 13, 2014

Hello Everyone,

With the decision to ban TRT from most athletic competition, the fallout has resulted in a near panic amongst so many users of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. There is good news. As a mid-forties competitor who has always been known for my strength, I can help a lot of you out. Try some of these supplements as a way to help you increase strength, speed, recovery, well-being, and NEVER having to worry about failing any drug tests.

Men’s Prostahealth Cream (www.healthyhormones.com)

Injectible Vitamin B-12 (www.trimnutrition.com)

DHEA 300 (www.houseofmuscle.com)

Gamma-O Testosterone Booster (www.GammaLabs.net)

Secretagogue-One (www.maxperformance.com)

Juice Plus Garden, Ranch and Vineyard capsules

These are just some suggestions, but I have found these to work and I, for one, never have to be concerned with the scrutiny of a failed PED test. I understand that the training for World Class athletic competition is very demanding and will leave your body beaten up, but there are ways to enhance your performance without taking unnecessary risks with your health or the possibility of a suspension or ban due to a positive drug test.

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“CACC Wrestling”

by posted by on April 08, 2014

Hello Everyone,

While I am preparing my digital video series for launch, I am temporarily teaching private lessons in CACC (Catch-As-Catch-Can) Wrestling. We will focus on takedowns, throws, pinning combinations and submission holds. I teach at several locations in the NY State and New Jersey area, as well as clinics all around the country. To schedule an appointment with me, email me thru this website or reach out to me on my social media (found on contact page). Wrestling shoes required.

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