“Argyros wins 100th no-gi title”

by posted by on April 25, 2012

Hello Everyone !

On saturday, April 21, 2012 I won my 100th career no-gi title as a competition grappler. It took place at the UGC “Shockwave” tournament in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. In a career that has spanned almost 14 years and over 100 tournament venues entered, it was a special moment to finally win that 100th no-gi championship. All 100 of my no-gi titles came in the advanced level divisions, from age 18-up to 30-39 year old and the senior 40-up divisions.

I wish to thank my family for all of their love and support, my great Sensei Carlos Catania and the legendary Sergio Penha for teaching me for so many years, the organizations I have fought for, and all of my training partners, opponents, and generous sponsors.

I want to also thank some great tournament coaches over the years who have helped me thru tough times and tougher matches ; Professor Carlos Catania,  Tom Velasquez, Chino Delapena, Jerry Jones and Professor Mike Monica.

Thank you to Palmers Cocoa Butter and CEO Rob Neis for all the years of support and friendship.

I will continue to compete and teach others. Brazilian JiuJitsu and Catchwrestling have become a way of life.

Thank you,

~Anthony Argyros





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Welcome to my official website. My goal is to help my fitness clients, athletes and JiuJitsu students achieve maximum performance in all facets of their lives. You are never too old to get started, and can improve a little bit each day.

I will see you at the gym and on the mats !!

all my best,

~Anthony Argyros